Golden Nuggets

For as long as I can remember, I have avoided reading the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, partly because the book was deemed as a hand book for con men and a ruthless and instructive book. (and I mean, no one wants to be a con man, and a ruthless one at that,... Continue Reading →

Married Lovers

So when I was in the 6th grade, I came across a Jackie Collins, my friend gave it to me, and if I am honest enough, it was in a rather sort of cheeky way. "I have a feeling you will enjoy this" she said, and with a wink she sashayed into the unknown. (meaning the... Continue Reading →

The Epic Story

Everyone has a love story! Everyone. whether it ended up in flames, or in a prince charming happily ever after sort of way... our love story still exists in some parts of our lives, and the truth is, we are always looking for our next love story, and we are always hoping for a happily... Continue Reading →

50 Shades … uhm

Of course I read the book, I mean who didn't? in my defense, I thought the book was about a Tie! The world was not completely raving about  this particular book and for a moment I was waiting to hear words like "banned" attached to the book but none came. And as much as the... Continue Reading →

My 1st Heartbreak …

If you are looking for a happily ever after book, this may not be the book for you, if you ask me, Khaled Hosseini never writes a happily ever after. Spoiler alert no? My bad. And yet he is one of my top fav authors. I guess the proverbial bad boy syndrome is really a... Continue Reading →

Looser? Maybe not

When I picked up this book, what I was hoping for, was someone to hold my hand and look me straight in the face and tell me, it's ok to be imperfect. it's ok to be a size bigger, it's ok to have dark moods all if not most of the time, it's ok to be... Continue Reading →

The Art of Seduction

I stumbled into Robert Greene, a tad too late in life. You know when he had made his millions with his all time best seller - which I have never read by the way- but that is a story for another day! His book in question right now? ... The Art of Seduction This book is... Continue Reading →

Round one …

So, what does my boxing ring look like? It's round one... surely you must have guessed that I was in a boxing match no? If not, what were you thinking! (I hear confession is good for the soul, so go ahead, tell me? what were you thinking?) As I leave you to your somewhat insane... Continue Reading →

Why I fell in love with chicken soup

On a cold gloomy January day, I felt overwhelmed by the painful challenges I was dealing with in my personal life. Marital, health and financial struggles had joined forces to create a tornado of emotion that threatened to crush my spirit.  I felt angry, frustrated, burdened and distanced from the presence of God. The weather seemed... Continue Reading →

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