Uhm, he loves you, NOT!

There are times, when even the best of us, have trouble with commitment. commitments are complicated and true commitment takes effort and sacrifice. which is why sometimes we have to learn the hard way to choose our commitments very carefully.

I grew up not knowing what it took to keep two people together, and truthfully you cannot blame me, because as a last born, I just found everyone together my parent’s were together, my siblings were around me, and we were together and no one bothered to tell me that we are a family because… … … you get the drift right?

which brings me to this particular time in my life when I began to feel that need to be together as well. I mean my parents did it, Kim Kardashian did it, for 74 hours was it, with Kris Humphries, (or whoever his name was) so how hard could it be? and just like that, I started the journey

I won’t bore you with the details, of how handsome and macho he was, the point is, I found the one (or is it the one found me?), to spend forever with, and I was happy. Truly.I was on the moon(well until you realize, after watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory, that the moon really is not a romantic place to be in, really) and month’s later (after the moon experience) I found myself alone, at a coffee shop, drinking coffee and staring at my phone wondering why it never rang anymore.

As I sat there alone, staring at my phone, ever so often, I heard a conversation that was going on behind me. As I turned, I saw two ladies deep in conversation. I could hear bits and pieces of it, however what caught my eye, was the book placed carelessly on their table.

Book TRUMP(s) Embarrassment

and just like that, I was tapping on one of the ladies shoulder’s. Excuse me… can I uh, please borrow the book? Sure, one of the ladies wearing a blue sweater with a cheery face, handed me the book, was that a pitiful glance she gave me? (was I just imagining it?)

until I saw the title of the book (yup she did give me a pitiful stare)

He’s just not that into you by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo

This was a fun book to read. I put my phone aside and began to dig in on the book. (I know, it was borrowed, and the cheery lady could come for it, minutes to come, however for the moment, that was not my concern.) The book turned to be a very good eye openor.

Right from the introduction the book captures your attention, Greg and Liz do this thing, where they both share their experiences and so you get to read from a man’s perspective and from a woman’s perspective. has quite the aha moments, and all throughout the book, the aha moments just keep coming.

“Introduction by Liz”
It started out just like any other day. We were all working in the writers’ room of Sex and the City, talking, pitching ideas, our personal love lives weaving in and out of the fictional lives we were creating in the room. And just like on any other day, one of the women on staff asked for feedback on a the behavior of a man whom she liked. He was giving her mixed messages—she was confused. We were happy to pitch in and pick apart all the signs and signals of his actions. And just like on any other day, after much analysis and debate, we concluded that she was fabulous, he must be scared, he’s never met a woman as great as her, he is intimidated, and she should just give him time. But on this day, we had a male consultant in the room—someone who comes in a couple of times a week to give feedback on story lines and gives a great straight-male perspective: Greg Behrendt. On this day, Greg listened intently to the story and our reactions, and then said to the woman in question ,Listen, it sounds like he’s just not that into you.”

Excerpt From: Greg & Tuccillo Behrendt. “He’s Just Not That Into You.” iBooks.

With an introduction like that, would you not rest until you finished the book?

I would give you the aha moments, but what good would that do you? You need to get the book and read it, and share your story with me.

Meanwhile as for me, I moved on. I stopped pinning. I stopped crying. I stopped sending him 30 text messages, and I stopped stalking his facebook profile, looking if his relationship status had changed, because He just wasnt into me. 

and just like that, I realized what it took for my Parents to be together. and at the back of my mind, I could not help but wonder if Kris Humphries ever read this book… because if he did … (well what do I know I am only 22 🙂 )

Your Turn:

Have you read the book? 

Share your story with us :thebookswag@gmail.com



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