Why I fell in love with chicken soup

On a cold gloomy January day, I felt overwhelmed by the painful challenges I was dealing with in my personal life. Marital, health and financial struggles had joined forces to create a tornado of emotion that threatened to crush my spirit. 

I felt angry, frustrated, burdened and distanced from the presence of God. The weather seemed to reflect my mood – the gray sky blocked even a single ray of sunlight. As I drudged through my workday, I just couldn’t shake a sense of hopelessness and despair. 

“God,” I cried, my tears ready to spill out, “where are you? I don’t want to feel this way but I am miserable and hopeless today. Please lift me out of this dark, gloomy place!”

I am not sure about you but at the point of reading just these three paragraphs, I was already deeply moved, by the personal writing. It spoke deep to my core, and for a brief moment, my eyes welled with tears.

And just like that I discovered the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, the one in question Chicken Soup for the Soul : Think Positive By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Amy Newmark 

so why did I pick up this book? well you see lately I too have been going through my own personal storms, and I needed a little pick me up! Scandal is off season, so there was really no binge watching that could distract me, and as I went through my book shelf, I picked up this little nugget of a book.

Discouraged as I had been, with no psyche to blog and face the day, after  reading this story, I was up and blogging and ready to face the day.

Feeling down? sad? lonely? discouraged? need a pick up? Grab yourself a Chicken soup! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Your Turn 

Do you have a chicken soup story? share with us, in the comments below! we would love to hear from you. thebookswag@gmail.com


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13 thoughts on “Why I fell in love with chicken soup

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  1. I remember ( & still have ) my first Chicken Soup book. I was like 8 or 9 I believe, so it’s a kid one. I loved it. However, I will be looking into getting this “Think Positive” one with all the trials and struggles my family and I are going through! ❤

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