50 Shades … uhm

Of course I read the book, I mean who didn’t? in my defense, I thought the book was about a Tie!

The world was not completely raving about  this particular book and for a moment I was waiting to hear words like “banned” attached to the book but none came. And as much as the reviews everywhere seemed to be horrible, the book did surprisingly well. below is a review from one of my fav literary review mags 

It’s pointless to deny that there’s something going on here: EL James has now sold 4 million copies of her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy via her UK publisher, Random House, to add to the 15 million (it beggars belief) that have been shifted in the US and Canada. In three months. In the UK, it’s the fastest-selling book ever in both physical and ebook incarnations. There’s just been an extra print run for the UK market, to meet demand: 2.75 million copies. It’s the fastest selling adult novel of all time. By which they mean “it’s the fastest-selling novel of all time that isn’t Harry Potter”. But its content is, of course, rather adult. “The Guardian” 

yet you can see with the review above, that this particular type of 50 is not bankrupt, but actually a best seller! My point… whether we like it or not, deny it or not … 50 Shades of Grey by E.L.James, created an up storm in the world, and as a matter of fact gave J.K Rowling a run for her money. irony no? 

I heard about EL James from my friend. we were at my house on a random day, and she told me, in a voice that suggested real urgency ” we need to look for 50 shades of Grey!” what? I stared back at her; you see my friend has a particular liking for Stephanie Meyers and J.K. Rowling , two authors that I am not particularly wild about, and so I brushed it off! Needless to say, she hounded me all week and sooner rather than later we had purchased all three books. (Ya I know!)

The book revolves around two fictional characters (it behooves me to add the term fictional, trust me!) Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. 

Christian Grey (Fictional character) is 27 at the opening of the book. A brilliant self-made billionaire, he is successful, charming, and breathtakingly handsome. He has exceptional skills and excels at almost anything he sets his sights on: He’s a hugely successful business man; he’s a trained pilot and flies his own helicopter, Charlie Tango; is a glider plane pilot; and is an astounding piano player; and he speaks fluent French. But he has a “dark side”: (again, fictional character)

Christian was adopted at age four into the very loving home of Grace Trevelyan Grey and Carrick Grey. His adoptive brother and sister, Elliot and Mia, round out the very close family.

His love interest in Anastasia (Ana) Steele, the 21-year-old, virginal college student he meets when she interviews him for the school paper. He is intrigued and taken by Ana. He becomes deeply infatuated with her, and is ultimately transformed by her love….

Given, this book is too adult, even for the ordinary adult! nonetheless I hand it to EL James, for boldness in such a genre, and for giving us Christian Grey!  

cg1 you see what I mean? 

I could tell you more about 50 shades of Grey… but why do I have the sneaky feeling you already know it? I mean the book was released in March 2012 and by the year end, it had sold 70 million copies! my bet is that you are part of the millions. If not, I will let you decide for yourself whether this is a book to read, for I am unable to advise at this point…

and for the record, they made a movie out of the book, it wasn’t worth its grain of salt – in my opinion – (many have debated whether the book had any salt in the first place!) my point however, the movie grossed 94 million dollars! (see your life!)

for now 

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  1. I haven’t read the book! But to my own shame I have seen the movie. I imagine the book to be more graphic in it’s description than the movie was. Otherwise the only place to watch it would be a porn site. That said it was an interesting watch. Personally I like watching the movies first then reading the book. It’s less disappointing that way.

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  2. I got the book on Kindle. Everyone was talking about it so I guess I got “sucked in” and wanted to see what it was about. For a while I binge read. Mainly because it was something to do while my daughter napped and at night when I couldn’t sleep because the fiancé snores loud. Haha. But she stopped napping and I lost interest before it got “good” / “bad”, whatever you want to call it. & I’m not one who wants to sit through a movie like that. Awkward. However, I totally agree that EL James went out on a limb with his boldness!

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  3. love 50 shades and that too for the story(which no one believes when I tell them )
    It is actually a good plot even excluding the adult content
    the movies were both disappointing sadly

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