Married Lovers

So when I was in the 6th grade, I came across a Jackie Collins, my friend gave it to me, and if I am honest enough, it was in a rather sort of cheeky way. “I have a feeling you will enjoy this” she said, and with a wink she sashayed into the unknown. (meaning the school corridors 🙂 )

Needless to say,I had never heard of Jackie Collins, until then, and I couldn’t wait to get home to dive into my new found precious read! so after all the evening routines in our home, I was finally in bed, after what seemed like forever! under the blankets , torch in hand, and itchy hands. It was going to be a great night, I could tell. 

No sooner had my itchy fingers flipped to the first page, a light brighter than mine shone, and I found myself face to face with a higher authority; My Parents! What happened next remains untold, and all I can say is, I never ever touched a Jackie Collins again. EVER!

well, until 11 years later, living the independent life, moved out of home, and with the false security of I am my own person and I could do what I want, I walked to a bookstore and bought myself a book. The book in question Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. 

6 pages into the book, I finally understood my parent’s reaction 11 years ago. If you are one who is comfortable with strong language, this probably would be the book for you. I was fascinated with the style, and given that I found the book a little like the drink ,cosmopolitan, I continued the read. 

Married lovers, like the title suggests , involves major key players that can only be found in a typical Los Angeles setting. 

#KeyPlayer #1 Cameron Paradise 

Stunningly beautiful 24 year old is a personal trainer who flees her abusive boyfriend in Australia and ends up in L.A, and like anyone who has ever been in dire need of a fresh start, Cameron puts all her energy into building a life for herself, determined not to be sidetracked by having a laser focus on building her hustle, well until all romance breaks loose 🙂 

#KeyPlayer #2 Ryan Richards 

Ryan has a wife (of course he does – married lovers remember) and he is married to an overly privileged Mandy Richards, daughter of a high flyer (of course she is) and like you guessed it already, they may or may not be happy together. (it’s up to you to find out anyway!) and Ryan takes the Emmy of being the perfect character in this book.

#KeyPlayer #3 Anya

She was my all time fav character! and this is her story

“Anya was born on 1 August 1985, a home birth with no complications. Not only was she beautiful, she was also a sunny-dispositioned and extraordinarily sweet child. when Anya was just nine years old. At first it seemed as if the fierce fighting between the Chechens and the Russians would not affect the Anastaskia family. But that was not to be; Anya’s father was called to the city to fight and never returned.
Anya’s mother was heartbroken. She seemed to lose all will to live, and before the war ended in 1996 she went to sleep one night and never woke up. Anya was eleven, alone and petrified. A neighboring family took her in, but they were not kindly people and treated her harshly. 

Excerpt From: Jackie Collins. “Married Lovers.” iBooks.

and after that brief intro, Anya’s spirals into a journey worth following. (well according to me anyway)

If you were looking for a fun book to read, I would recommend this. I really would. If you have “mind your language syndrome” I would suggest maybe steer clear of this one, however if you love a typical good L.A. Story I would suggest pick this up. The holidays are coming so why not? The book was published in 2008, so if you are looking for something “vintage” well look no further 🙂 

In the end, I was a tad disappointed with Anya’s story -how it ends-(I told you she was my fav character, so I lived vicariously through her) and to be honest I wanted more for her, but then again, I am not the all time New York bestseller, so what do I know 🙂

Your turn

have you read the book? your thoughts? comment below! we would love to hear from you 

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  1. I remember hiding a Jackie Collins book from my parents (like you, a school mate had loaned it to me). I don’t remember the name now, but it was SAUCY and in my innocence, I was unprepared. Ha! You brought back memories…

    p.s. sent you a Facebook message 🙂


  2. I haven’t read any Joan Collins, but your story about it being confiscated reminds me a little of discovering some Sidney Sheldon novels on my parents bookshelves when I was about 11. Some of it was definitely over my head 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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