Golden Nuggets

For as long as I can remember, I have avoided reading the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, partly because the book was deemed as a hand book for con men and a ruthless and instructive book. (and I mean, no one wants to be a con man, and a ruthless one at that, right?)

Nonetheless the holidays are coming, and as you know, the holidays make us mellow and more accommodative, and just like that I picked the one book that has remained ignored in my shelf for decades and started reading. 

and just like that I have been hooked. I could see how the laws appealed to the nature of my existence and I begun to understanding a few things

  • Why the Boss was constantly on a roll to belittle me any chance he got 
  • Why the respect from the peers was a bit hard to come by
  • Why everyone seemed to know what my plans were in the office, and they were quick to dive in before I did and get the corner office
  • And why the friend’s I had, suddenly had a change in attitude when I was appointed in charge of them. 
#Humans are machines of interpretations and explanations. They have to know what you are thinking. When you carefully control what you reveal, they cannot piece your intentions or your meanings.
#Most people are open books. They say what they feel, blurt out their opinions at every opportunity and constantly reveal their plans and intentions. By being unabashedly open you make yourself so predictable and familiar that it is almost impossible to respect or fear you.
#You have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them. The truth is you often do not know your friends as well as you imagine. They cover up their unpleasant qualities so as not to offend each other.
#Everyone has insecurities. when you show yourself in the world and display your talents , you naturally stir up all kinds of resentment, envy and other manifestations of insecurity. When it comes to power outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all.

I bet you were hoping to get all 48 laws in the post, but what fun would that be? You need to walk to the store and grab this book, because 2017 is around the corner and maybe, just maybe, there are some laws worth adopting on your end, that could possible lead for a better 2017 for you? In the workplace, at home and social circles? 

yup that is what I thought!


your turn 

Have you read the book? Laws you agree with? Disagree with? Laws, you have applied and have worked for you? against you? 

Let us know in the comments below

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24 thoughts on “Golden Nuggets

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  1. I really liked the 4th law: Saw less than neccessary. I believe this is a great wisdom key. I have heard it said once, “Better that someone think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” I have also read a number of ancient proverbs that share that the greatest sign of wisdom and maturity is the amount of silence that you walk in.

    As for the rest of this article, I have a lot of disagreement. I am someone who doesn’t have enemies. If someone wants to call me an enemy then that is on them. I don’t consider people enemies, because my personality is always positive and sees the best in others even if they are not the greatest.

    Thank you for the post!

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    1. Yes I agree, the principles are very Machiavellian and doesn’t go down well with many people. I picked what I could, and disregarded what I couldn’t. and isn’t it that way with life, everything is thrown at us, a lot of information is all over the place, but we learn to sift, what works for us and what doesn’t. yes? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  2. That sounds like a useful, and horrible book at the same time 🙂 The parts you quoted provide insight into how people get their way by pushing others around. It certainly sounds intriguing and your post kinda made me want to read it. I imagine reading it would be a great act of self -defense.

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  3. This is a fantastic book ! You’ll be probably surprised to hear that I read this book, after watching a football game haha. C.J. Anderson the running back for the Broncos, kept on talking about this book on the pre-game interview and after the game I went on amazon to check out the reviews, and that’s how I bought it. Great read.

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