Mystery Blog Award

Hey, so I was tagged by Abigail Carter her blog link What Makes a Good Book (Thanks Abigail ) for The Mystery Blog Award created by Okoto Oke Enigma her blog link Okoto Enigma (Okoto, the world thanks you, your Country thanks you … you get the drift )… 

so like any other game, there are rules, and so the rules of the game are as follows: 

Rule #1 : Tell the reader 3 things about yourself :

So dear reader, *clears throat, sips some water* as I recently did a post on Who died and made me Usher? where I shared 10 unknown things about me, I feel the post suffices, hit me up, if you feel maybe it doesn’t? yes 🙂 

Rule #2 : Answer 5 questions as asked by your nominator :

  • Question #1 : If you could meet one character, who would it be and why? : This is undoubtedly a really hard question, but top of my mind, Khaled Hosseini, why? because he changed my life. and as we all know, anyone who changes your life in one way or another, is worth meeting yes? 
  • Question #2: What book is currently at the top of the pile to read next? Easy one. The year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes 
  • Question #3: Which book would you want to make into a film? Naya Rivera – Sorry not sorry… for so many reasons, you just need to read the book to know why. 
  • Question #4: Which character do you love to hate? Hmmmm this is a tricky one, however the tattooed girl on Quantico, really bothers me. she betrayed her country the FBI and yet walks around like the world owes her… 
  • Question #5: And which character do you actually hate? Lea Michelle , when she was playing the character Rachael Barry on Glee. she made the show all about her eventually leading the show to its early demise! we could be enjoying season 10 of Glee right about now. Just saying 🙂 
  • Random Question : What is your favorite, absolute Disney film ever? well in 2016 the following movies stole my heart : Moana, Zootopia and Finding Dory gave me the joys! 

Rule #3 : Nominate other bloggers and ask them five questions and 1 random question 

so by the powers vested in me, by the creators of the Mystery Blog Award, I nominate 

Wanderlust & Beyond

Mint Tea and Elephants

Lindsey’s Book Blog

That Caps the Globe

The Gay Stepdad

To go forth, change the world, and participate in the Mystery Blog award, and together, let us enjoy the Blogging Journey. yes?   with the simple steps outlined in  Mystery Blog Rules  

and as for you dear reader, you too can participate, and share your answers with me 🙂 yes? 

The Book Swag 



64 thoughts on “Mystery Blog Award

  1. I always enjoy learning about the bloggers, authors, and other creative people out there! Congrats on your nomination and I fully enjoyed learning some little known facts about you! I agree Moana was definitely a great one for 2016!

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  2. Those questions are really great to hear and really helpful! This is really cool post looking forward to new wonderful post.


  3. Great idea to share a bit more about yourself – I love Khaled Hosseini’s books too – amazing writing! And I’ll have to check out Sorry…Not Sorry – sounds intriguing!

    Liked by 1 person

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