Oh my BOOKS!#%&*

Pray do tell, where in the world did the year go? I remember last year a time like this, I was furiously typing out my blogging plan for the year, and working hard towards monetizing my blog, or something like that, only to have the year pass me by in a whoosh and suffice to say, come to the end of another year, without a single post done! Sucks right? Maybe yes, maybe not… I cannot regain the time I lost BUT I can pick up from where I left and continue moving on? Who knows, maybe the break, was a divine one? grandly orchestrated by the universe and all it’s counterparts no? Oh well, guess we will never know.

All in all, I am here, and I am back.

im back golden state warriors GIF by NBA

Yours Truly,

The Book Swag xoxo




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