The V day …

it’s that time of the year AGAIN! I know, I feel it too. Love is in the air, roses are falling, chocolates are melting, and hearts, well hearts are beating.  For some, wine , chocolate and fine dining will carry the day, others will be having plenty of mindless fun, that only they can truly interpret it’s meaning.  However if you are like me, well, … Continue reading The V day …


#Sorry not Sorry – dreams, mistakes & growing up.

#7 Key life lessons from Naya  So, If I am honest with myself, when I picked up this book, the last thing I expected, was to learn a thing or two about life! (I know) I thought it would be just another random stardom superficial book filled with glamour and glitz, and because I am a typical fan girl, more so a super fan girl … Continue reading #Sorry not Sorry – dreams, mistakes & growing up.


Reading Challenge for Virgins

How would you describe your first time in one word? Awkward? Challenging? Weird? Daunting? My word, Awkward!  I remember when I started playing the violin, it was a really awkward journey. My hands were fumbling on the violin strings, reading music had never looked so foreign in my entire life, and for the love of me, holding the instrument and stringing were two things I … Continue reading Reading Challenge for Virgins


Happy New WHAT ? ? ?

The year begun and found me standing in the midst of all the newness and freshness around me. Everyone was excited, furiously scribbling newness on planners and journals, penning down their goals , dreams, plans and whatever else they could jot. As I caught myself surrounded by all the activity, one of my friend’s  turned to me, with all the enthusiasm she could muster and … Continue reading Happy New WHAT ? ? ?