#Sorry not Sorry – dreams, mistakes & growing up.

#7 Key life lessons from Naya 

So, If I am honest with myself, when I picked up this book, the last thing I expected, was to learn a thing or two about life! (I know) I thought it would be just another random stardom superficial book filled with glamour and glitz, and because I am a typical fan girl, more so a super fan girl of Naya, I was determined to read it, and support her art, like I did all those years watching Glee so it came as quite the surprise, that not only is she a brilliant actress, but Naya’s got words too, and pretty good ones at that!

Funny and deeply personal. Sorry not sorry recounts her successes and missteps, urging young women to pursue their dreams and to refuse to let past mistakes define them. (you see!)Navigating through youth and young adulthood isn’t easy , and Naya shows us that we’re not alone in the highs and lows , and in betweens of life. After her rise and fall from childhood stardom on the “Fresh Prince of Bel – Air”  and Family Matters, barely eking her way through high school, a brief stint as a hooters waitress, going through thick and thin with her mom/ manager and resurrecting her acting career as Santana Lopez on Glee, Naya emerged from these experiences with some key life lessons and these are mine 

#1 Mom’s Rock 

I mean if you are a mom by now you must know that! Moms all over the world rock. and it doesn’t matter what kind of mom you think you are, because the truth is you just ROCK. Moms are the best, and Naya’s mom is no exception. I mean raising a daughter like Naya is truly a tall order and if you follow her and her antiques you would know she is quite a handful, I see you agreeing yes, but her mom, has stuck by her all through, supporting her every step of the way. they fought, they loved, they argued, they never saw eye to eye on some things, but through it all, they never left each other’s side! and that is what moms do, stick by you no matter what! (not even when you are sleeping around) 

#2 We are one. 

This was undoubtedly my no. 2 shock as I read the book. Naya shows us , that we all go through the same stuff in life. You know when you watch Tv stars, all you think is how glam and cool their life is, and somehow you want that for your life too. and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we are all one. we go through the same struggles! Naya struggled with finding work, (sounds familiar?) after her childhood glam days,  she made mistakes that led her into heavy debt, five years later after she got a stint at Glee she was still paying the debt! (sounds normal?) and  finally love eluded her (now I know you totally relate) 

#3 Damn I’m pretty 

I am reminded of a ballad by the then famous trio TLC. “unpretty” an instant hit, that resonated with women from across all walks, and in her book Naya does the same! At 18 years of age, she decided that she was going to do something about her body image, and she went ahead and did a boob job! she has no regrets, she loves them, the boys love them, and she has a confidence with her body, that no one can take away! 

#4 Every Girl’s Dilemma

Naya narrates in her chapter ” from boys to men” of a choice she made when she found out that she was preggers and she was still filming Glee. you know how the story ends so no need to rehash it, she however states in her book, how that one decision tormented her and almost made her a different person. It also got her addicted to the tv show Teen Mom, and in the end, one of the things she is sorry about. 

#5 Boys are Men (Learning the difference between love and lust)

or is it “Men are Boys” (ha! no pun intended) I loved this! I really did. for someone like Naya, I would think that getting a boy to hang on her sleeve from the moment she was born would be a no brainer, however her first boyfriend eventually dumped her because her family was poor and they were not in the same financial level! ouch! Then along came married man (a twist in this story – you just have to read it to find out) and then came Ryan (the perfect one – almost), in between there was the glee star (the one with the battering ram) and then came Big Sean(the one who was, and then poof!) and then came Ryan again (the perfect one – for real now) so when it comes to men, the true saying “boys will be boys” remains true! My guess is she finally learned the difference (or maybe not)

#6 Always Keep Moving  

in her chapter “from broke to big break” Naya narrates to us the importance of always being on the move despite all the challenges life throws at you. From her meltdown at a Disney audition, to numerous rejections along the way, to managing at department stores, to accepting “free” money from men, to waitressing at hooters, to getting fired(though she was not sorry for this) Naya’s life was surely on its final dredges. she narrates ” my whole life was humiliating at this point” and she felt quitting was the only option! however her mom encouraged her to give it 6 more months to keep going for auditions, agreeing to the 6 month stint, she landed two auditions 1.a stint at CSI Miami where she was on set for less than a minute, giving it her all, she made every second count literally and did a damn good job while at it. The 2nd audition she got was one she cared little about, she cared so little about it, that she smoked a cigarette before walking into the audition room, knowing full well that she was going to sing at the audition. and then later on, she got a message from her agent, that she had been booked for this thing called Glee!

#7 Glee-licious 

In her chapter “The Glee years – Naya gives us the dish, that we probably had wanted to read from page 1 because let’s face it, most of us thought the book was about Glee yes? and the other half thought the book was a diss track to Lea (myself included). So I could tell you about this particular chapter, but then again, what fun would that be if I did not let you read it for yourself? I will however mention that yes, Lea was a  mean evil person, no Naya was never fired from the show, yes she dated her co-star Mark and she loved him, drama and all, and yes, the entire Glee cast were a bunch of frolickers (her word’s not mine) so you see, that is why you need to read this chapter by yourself. 

This has been one of my longest posts ever, so thanks for reading to the end! I got carried away I know! 

Enjoyed the read? have you read the book? were you a fan of Glee? Hit me up, on the comments below and let’s have some fun. 

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  1. Honestly I typically do not read books written by celebrities and I definitely judged this book by its cover… But your review of Naya’s book has made me think I might want to give it a chance! It sounds like she has went through some hard life lessons that we can all learn from!

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